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Christmas Wishes Come True

Too often our hearts hardened by the stories of violence and hate that plaster the news daily. People getting trampled or fighting over holiday sales bring us down when we should be cheerful and merry. Amidst all the tragedy and negativity are the little rays of hope that hearts of gold still exist. Those kind souls who still believe the spirit of Christmas are out there.

This year, Canada’s WestJet Airlines exemplified just that, as they got into the giving spirit in a big way. Before boarding their flights to Calgary, over 250 passengers shared their Christmas wishes with Santa Claus. Airline workers scrambled to get all the presents for the duration of the flights. Upon landing, much to the passengers’ surprise, they found a surplus of gifts at baggage claim.

Admittedly, this was all filmed for a publicity stunt, but it is unlikely that WestJet Airlines will get a large boost in sales. The video can be found on YouTube and has gained much popularity. They did promise that if the video surpassed 200,000 views (which it has), they would donate free flights to families in need. They are currently working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada to find families.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing all the reactions of the families and children. Even better is that the wishes spanned from large screen televisions and tablets to a warm scarf and socks and underwear. No matter what the gift, extravagant or miniscule, you can genuinely see their appreciation.

What a touching way to restore faith in mankind. There are more touching instances like this to help keep your spirits alive and well. For all that is ugly in our world, there is still beauty in all that surrounds us, you just have to look.

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