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Nortel Norstar Phone System

The Nortel Norstar phone system can be extremely beneficial for small to medium sized businesses thanks to its expansive variety of options. From the Modular ICS systems to Compact ICS systems to Business Communications Manager alongside a plethora of business phones, conference phones and accessories, the Nortel Norstar phone system covers nearly every aspect. With a storied history, the Nortel Norstar phone system is backed by a solid reputation and leading manufacturers.

Formerly Meridian Norstar, Nortel Norstar phone systems were a product of Northern Telecom, now known as Avaya. After years in the business, Nortel and Avaya products are known for their reliability, specialized features, and exceptional quality. With a Nortel Norstar phone system, you can expect nothing less.

For the main unit you may choose from the Modular ICS, Compact ICS or the Business Communications Manager depending upon your business needs. The Modular ICS system is ideal for larger businesses which need allowance for growth and expansion. Its port capacity spans up to 248 ports. The Compact ICS system is better suited for small to medium sized businesses. Its expansion capabilities range from 4 trunks and 8 stations to 8 trunks and 24 stations. The Business Communications Manager offers two options: the BCM 50 or the BCM 450. The BCM 50 is more suited for smaller businesses, providing 3-30 extensions, while the BCM 450 can provide up to 300 sets. These Nortel Norstar phone systems may all be enhanced by the addition of various cards and software. As evidenced, flexibility and adaptability is one of the many pros of the Nortel Norstar phone system.

Nortel Norstart Phone Systems offers a one year warranty on all Nortel Norstar Phone Systems.

Another component of the Nortel Norstar phone system is the actual telephones. Depending on the field of business, certain features will be more coveted than others. Luckily, Nortel produces an assortment of business phones with diverse features. Many Avaya phones are also compatible with the Nortel Norstar phone systems, making the possibilities seemingly endless. Nortel phones usually utilize a color coded system for certain keys, making it easier to identify across all phones. You may also choose to enhance or improve your Nortel Norstar phone system by adding phone system cards or voicemail of ranging capacities. With the different styles and features, you can create a functional and appealing Nortel Norstar phone system to your liking.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, high quality phone system then a Nortel Norstar phone system will work for you. Providing a multitude of options for different business situations, the Nortel Norstar phone system can be extremely versatile, protecting your investment and limiting possible unnecessary expenditures in the future.

For any questions or concerns regarding Nortel Norstar phone systems, please give us a call at 1-800-564-8045 and our sales staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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