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March, 2014

What’s The Best Business Phone System For You?

Are you looking to upgrade from your old, problem-ridden phone system, or simply in the market for a new phone system altogether? There are important aspects to consider before making your ultimate purchase. First and foremost, know what your wants and needs are. Know which features are absolutely necessary and which you would prefer, but […]

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Jabra Products

Jabra is known for its innovative design and exceptional sound. Consumers also praise the expediency and usability of Jabra products. Monaural, binaural, headband, neckband, over-the-ear and in-ear headset styles cater various comfort preferences. At, find a newly updated variety of Jabra headsets for your everyday needs. Our Jabra Bluetooth headsets have great battery life […]

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Save Money by Upgrading Your Business Phone System

Your old phone system may be working fine, but it could be costing you more to maintain than simply upgrading to a new business phone system. Maybe you don’t like change and don’t want to have to learn a new system, but upgrading could benefit you and your business in numerous ways. Maintenance in itself […]

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Special Needs Phones

Special needs phones target populations with hearing and vision problems as well as issues with dexterity and mobility. Big buttons, Braille, amplified ringers or lighted telephone ringers are just some of the ways these phones cater to special needs. Those in the hard of hearing population may find amplified ringers, handsets and headsets beneficial to […]

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