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Special Needs Phones

Special needs phones target populations with hearing and vision problems as well as issues with dexterity and mobility. Big buttons, Braille, amplified ringers or lighted telephone ringers are just some of the ways these phones cater to special needs.

Those in the hard of hearing population may find amplified ringers, handsets and headsets

Special needs amplified phones

Phones For The Hearing Impaired

beneficial to their telecommunication needs. Because one sense is diminishing, other senses step up to compensate. This is precisely why amplified ringers and doorbell signalers usually come with a visual sensor as well. If they have trouble hearing the rings, a flashing light may be easier to grab their attention.

Phones For The Vision Impaired

StartechTel carries special needs phones

For the visually impaired individuals, large, raised fonts, Braille and large buttons on phones may make it easier to dial and read the caller id. The raised fonts or Braille allow the person to use their tactile senses to identify what’s what. These big buttons and larger handsets may also assist those with arthritis problems or carpal tunnel syndrome, who cannot easily manipulate their hands and fingers anymore.

We also carry other helpful products such as bed shaker alarm clocks and amplified doorbell signalers with flashing light. These adaptive devices allow individuals to function

Special Needs Alarm Clock

Special Needs Alarm Clock


Shop our selection of special needs products for those with hearing, vision, dexterity or mobility problems online at You can also give us a call toll-free at 1-800-564-8045 and speak directly with our friendly and helpful staff.

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