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August, 2017

Modern Business Communication

As you may have noticed or even experienced, business communication and the way we work are undergoing some changes. Many factors, such as digital transformation, advancing technologies, and a diverse workforce, are influencing the direction in which we are headed. Here are some of the ways these communication trends are making an impact. The Cloud […]

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Distributed Workforce

Whether your employees telecommute occasionally or permanently, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of work culture. For those companies struggling with building a team with specific skill sets, a distributed workforce can help solve this issue. On the other hand, some companies prefer to keep staff on site to enhance collaboration and […]

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All-Hands Meetings

Company-wide meetings can be tricky, time-consuming, and costly, but they can also reflect positively on the company. By holding such an event, you are portraying to employees that your business cares enough to keep everyone informed of major company updates and emotionally connected to the company’s goals, while openly listening to honest, unfiltered feedback and […]

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The Latest Business IT Trends

From startup companies to enterprises, business IT trends are important to know and understand in order for your business to succeed and thrive. These are some of the major trends impacting the business world and workplace today. Always On & Everywhere It seems “business hours” and “acceptable outages” are slowly fading away. Because our culture […]

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Enterprise VoIP

When shopping for a VoIP phone system, you want to be sure you are getting the right system that suits your specific needs. If your company has 100+ users, you will likely need an enterprise-level VoIP system to accommodate your demands. Unfortunately, most hosted VoIP solutions are designed for smaller scale companies. Look for these […]

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