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Modern Business Communication

As you may have noticed or even experienced, business communication and the way we work are undergoing some changes. Many factors, such as digital transformation, advancing technologies, and a diverse workforce, are influencing the direction in which we are headed. Here are some of the ways these communication trends are making an impact.

The Cloud
Because of its excellent benefits, such as lower costs and greater flexibility, cloud communications is quickly becoming a business favorite. Thanks to its affordability, ease of use, and faster deployments, many businesses are adopting cloud-based systems.

Initially, the security of the public and private cloud raised concerns. However, since then, new technologies and protocols, including end-to-end encryption, have boosted security and have calmed worries and fears.

Most companies will provide company-issued phones and laptops, especially for those frequently on the field. Mobile apps for businesses have become the new norm, keeping employees connected anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the emergence of 5G technology, communication and data exchange is faster and coverage is wider, thus expanding further capabilities.

Mobility gives employees more freedom, allowing them to work more independently with flexible hours. This also helps to increase employee satisfaction which can positively affect employee retention rates.

Although instant messaging has been around for a while, its abilities are somewhat limited. With dedicated workplace chat and collaboration tools, workers are able to use advanced features such as video conferencing, document sharing, instant connectivity, and task management.

Team collaboration tools are often cloud-based and internet-powered, meaning they can work across different devices and platforms. This offers a more seamless transition between devices, enabling increased productivity.

Business Integration
Originally business software was designed to be standalone, however, the business world realized that connecting business applications is more convenient. Therefore, application integration and automation services came about and have grown in demand.

Now most companies are enjoying the benefits of system integration and increasing efficiency in the workplace. For example, connecting CRM systems to communication platforms is helping to improve customer service and employee productivity. Customer service representatives are able to pull up information via CRM, and whether they need to contact that person through voice, email, or chat, the app will start up instantly.

Remote Internal Communications
As the demand for remote work increases, communication providers are working to cater to these needs. Many popular tools are upping their advanced features to facilitate ways to better connect remote workers and help to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Modern Business Communication
The modern workforce has come a long way. Learn how these communication trends played a role in shaping workplace communications today.

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