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The Growth Of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing continues to grow as a smart business communication solution. Not only does it help to promote collaboration, but it also allows for a more flexible work culture, allowing communications to reach far beyond geographical limitations. We can expect to see video conferencing continue to develop in the future, establishing a stronger role in business communications.

Changing Communication
Email and telecommunications are highly coveted forms of business communications in most offices. However, conference rooms are now incorporating more video solutions to enhance meetings. Aside from increasing productivity, video conferencing allows businesses to build stronger employee and customer relationships.

In the beginning, cost was a major drawback for video conferencing solutions. Because prices were often too high (especially for small businesses), deployment was low. Luckily, technology improved and more cost-effective solutions were made available. The decreasing price of network bandwidth and emergence of smarter video solutions spurred widespread adoption.

Video conferencing applications are also being used in other industries including healthcare and education. Health care organizations are using video conferencing to extend their services, while educational institutes are providing tutorial and training services via video conferencing solutions.

From hardware and equipment to web-based solutions to cloud-based solutions, video conferencing is evolving. The room-based video conferencing model will remain a lasting staple, however, cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

Over time, conference rooms will become more complicated with various solutions and services. Because of this, Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) will be a more welcome solution as it will avoid the clutter and provide easy deployment.

Video Platform as a Service (Video PaaS) will be valuable in other industries including tele-health, media and entertainment, education, and banking and finance industry. Unfortunately, drawbacks lie in the concerns for data security, quality, and a lack of a proper business case for real-time communications.

Mergers & Acquisitions
In the wake of connected workplaces, conference meetings are the go-to when it comes to quick decisions without the hassles and costs of travel. In order to break into different industries, leading video conference manufacturers are hard at work on expansion plans via mergers and acquisitions.

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The Growth Of Video Conferencing
As its role evolves, we will see more video conferencing solutions in different industries, such as healthcare, education, and media and entertainment.

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