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The Latest Business IT Trends

From startup companies to enterprises, business IT trends are important to know and understand in order for your business to succeed and thrive. These are some of the major trends impacting the business world and workplace today.

Always On & Everywhere
It seems “business hours” and “acceptable outages” are slowly fading away. Because our culture has evolved to be always on and accessible at all times, customers expect this from your business as well. Any technologies for your business should be designed to be available at all hours every day, and accessible from wherever the person may be.

You Can’t Assume The End Point
There was a time when you could predict which kind of device end users would have. But thanks to the advancement and abundance of smart devices, along with the increase in BYOD and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), devices are ranging from smartphones to monitors to big screen TV displays for work. Along with that, interfaces and operating systems vary, thus businesses must make their systems as platform-independent as possible.

DIY Is Dying
Before, businesses would build and manage their own phone systems and technologies on-site. With the advent of the cloud and other hosted solutions, on-premise systems are declining. Because these systems can be complicated and expensive, most businesses are investing in cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) instead.

This means skill sets will need to change and evolve to include contract management and integration between different providers. And the development and delivery of applications are changing, from virtualization to the collapse of the serving operating system, which are being delivered by cloud services.

Engagement Is Critical
Businesses need to embrace social media as another form of engaging and connecting with customers. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, customers want new ways to communicate online, such as chat (possibly via chatbot).

More and more, employees are working together in teams rather than working independently. Productivity apps should allow staff to interact in real-time remotely. Whether it is your workers or your customers, they should be able to communicate and collaborate regardless of time and location.

Privacy & Security Are The Core Business For Everyone
You are responsible for protecting and securing any customer data that your business holds. There have been enough stories in the news lately to know that hackers and cyber attacks can happen to anyone.
Various critical security measures can be taken to ensure that business and customer data is safe and secure. And remember that other countries have their own laws when it comes to protecting information and data sovereignty.

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The Latest Business IT Trends
Whether you are a startup business, enterprise, or anything in between, be sure to keep these major business IT trends in mind for your company.

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