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Advanced Phone Systems For Large & Small Businesses

There was a time when advanced phone systems seemed out of reach for small businesses. Without access to the special features and functions of these phone systems, it seemed like small businesses couldn’t compete with large enterprises. However, thanks to advances in technology and more affordable options, the playing field has been leveled. Here’s how the technology gap has narrowed.

Open Source
Thanks to Mark Spencer, we all have Asterisk, an open source framework which turns computers into communication servers. This free service makes the code openly available for everyone to use, test, enhance, and modify as they please. This allows small businesses to implement Asterisk-based phone systems and take advantage of VoIP services with advanced features.

OpEx pricing models
In contrast to capital expenditure (CapEx) which requires a large, up-front payment, operational expenditure (OpEx) allows for smaller payments over time. Cloud-based phone systems and services utilize an OpEx pricing model, allowing small businesses a more feasible option to access these advanced services.

The Cloud & IT
For small businesses who cannot afford a strong IT team to manage the voice services within the company, cloud-based solutions make it possible for them to enjoy the advanced features and functions without worrying about IT. Cloud phone systems are usually housed and managed off-site, leaving vendors in charge of routine maintenance and updates and allowing SMBs to focus on their customers and business overall.

Simple User Interface
Plain and simple, phone systems are much easier to use nowadays. Before, some systems required programming and coding skills to perform simple tasks while other systems had special “language” that customers had to learn. These days, managing and setting up your system is relatively easy thanks to user-friendly and web-based management tools.

Older phone systems offered everything you needed as a small business, therefore, advanced features were not in demand. Now, with a more mobile workforce, the needs for enterprise and SMBs are relatively similar. No matter what size, all businesses are focused on enhancing the customer experience while leading their business to success. Because of this, standard calling features plus collaboration, mobility, and business applications are some of the basics for phone systems these days.

The telecom industry better caters to businesses of all sizes now. What are your thoughts on how small business and enterprise can leverage the same tools to their advantage? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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Advanced Phone Systems For Large & Small Businesses
Because technology has improved and more affordable solutions are available, small businesses have better access to advanced phone systems.

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