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How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Have Improved

Cloud-based phone systems have come a long way. When first introduced, they were mostly known to be a smart communication solution for small businesses. The networks that ran these cloud-based systems were not equipped to handle the increased call volumes of larger companies.

It made sense for larger businesses to invest in on-premise systems rather than pay a monthly fee for hosted services. But we now see that is changing. Though pricing has not changed, the many improvements of the cloud-based phone system are fueling the shift. Here are a few reasons why more businesses are adopting cloud-based phone systems.

The IT team has transformed, making their role in the company even more important than before. Aside from their traditional duties, IT teams are in charge of improving the customer experience through new tools, portals, smarter website design, and more. With their focus shifting to these tasks, day to day maintenance is best left to someone else, which is where the hosted services comes in to play. Because maintenance is minimal with these systems, IT teams are able to devote more time to these new tasks.

Luckily, our Internet speeds have greatly improved since hosted systems hit the market. Before, most internet speeds were 56K or less, and broadband connections topped out at 1.5MB/sec. Now, we are spoiled with speeds of more than a Gigabit-per-second, plus improvements in QoS and network equipment and security.

Again, when these systems first came about, basic call functions were all they were capable of. Since on-premise systems had access to excellent calling features, businesses were reluctant to switch. These days, the hosted systems are equipped with access to a plethora of advanced features, making this a strong draw for most people to switch. No longer a small business solution, cloud-based phone systems are appealing to medium-sized businesses and enterprise organizations alike.

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How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Have Improved
Cloud-based phone systems have undergone improvements since they were first introduced. See why more businesses are adopting these systems.

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