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There has always been quite the buzz around Unified Communications. It provides a more convenient way to handle business and interconnect your means of communication. As a society, we’re always looking for the next best thing. It seems a startup company, called Switch Communications, is just that.

Switch is bringing the ultimate communication tools to businesses small and large. Its unified communications system provides a company’s employees one number to ring across various devices, as well as the ability to send messages, share calendars and documents within the infrastructure. This allows for employees to be more transparent and easily accessible within the company and, in turn, results in improved productivity.

Along with these great features, Switch is affordable and easy to install. For a low monthly price per employee, the business gets unlimited calls and texts. Employees can transfer their existing numbers over to the system, and Switch has partnered with a VoIP phone maker for those who require desk phones. Switch also collaborates with Google Apps so that each employee is tethered to a Google account. Administrators can then manage all accounts from the system’s dashboard, granting or withholding access as necessary.

The team behind Switch has quite a history. Members have been part of Grand Central, which we now know as Google Voice, and Uber Conference, a strong standalone conference system. With such great minds working on Switch, it’s no surprise that such a promising system was developed.

As Switch makes its way to the general public, the unified communications field may change. From what you know about Switch, in comparison to your business or workplace’s communication system, what are your thoughts? Share them with us. Find us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Unified Communications Allows You To Integrate Calls and Messages Across Different Devices
Switch Communications wants to be your answer to Unified Communications. Excellent features, easy implementation, and low cost – what more could you ask for?

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