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IP PBX Phone Systems

Are you in need of a new phone system? Want the latest technology for a reasonable price? Integrating VoIP technology with a standard PBX system may be the option for you. Choosing an IP PBX system can save you some money and headaches in the long run.

A standard PBX requires outside lines and can limit your expansion abilities. An IP PBX integrates voice & data through VoIP technologies. This can provide convenient unified communications (email/voicemail/fax) as well as an easy way to expand as your business grows. Data is transmitted over LAN or WAN and provides a better connection with less fuss – no need to bother with cables & wiring. Long distance fees are thrown out the window and your system relies on a single network. An IP PBX can greatly simplify your hardware system.

Lately, Cloud-Based IP PBX systems have been gaining momentum. The appeal of Cloud communications is that everything is managed over the internet, not relying on a premise-based system. Basically, a Cloud-based system is more like a software system as opposed to the in-office hardware system that is a premise-based system. Cloud-based is ideal for larger companies managing numerous offices in different locations. Your voice and data costs are consolidated to one lump bill, and all locations are connected to the Cloud, making it easier to manage.

While the Cloud-based & Premise-based IP PBX systems run similarly, it breaks down to whether you prefer to have the hardware in your office versus leaving your system in the hands of the “cloud” system. When running a Cloud-based system, a reliable WAN connection is vital to your system. Connection to the Cloud is ever important. For an IP PBX system, a dependable LAN connection is key. The choice comes down to your business needs.

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