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The Heart Of Communication

You can argue all you want, but the truth is evident – phones offer the best way to communicate with each other. If you own a business, you know how important it is to make sure that your phones are always up and running. And if you need an answer or quick resolution to an issue, a phone call can help you achieve that.

While it has taken on different forms and responsibilities, there’s still no denying its staying power. But how has the telephone evolved and lasted so long?

Nearly anyone and everyone has access to a phone. Whether you have a company phone, a desk phone, your own personal phone, or even a pay phone (in rare, remote locations, you can still find them), there is a way to reach you by phone call. Our unique phone numbers help to prevent fraud and improve customer service. For example, with mobile apps, your phone number can act as a way of verifying your identification. Because everyone has access to a phone, communication is quicker and more efficient.

Phone systems and service are moderated as a utility, which helps to keep costs reasonable. The desire to remain connected helps to motivate people to want to own a mobile phone or landline. While smartphones and such can run up high prices, there are plenty of affordable options available, including desk phones and consumer phones.

Phones are universally accepted and used. Mostly every business, no matter what the industry, has a phone system. Certain businesses may rely heavily on phones while others may not, but it is understood that a phone call is an easy and direct way to get things done.

Remember fax machines? Most businesses have wiped that out since email came along, however, some businesses still use it. These businesses usually have a dedicated phone line set up to receive faxes. Also, Internet and phone systems sometimes go hand in hand. Remember dialup Internet services? That required a phone line. While that is nearly obsolete now, DSL and some broadband services still require a phone line to deliver services.

If you don’t have a phone in your pocket, or purse, or sitting on a desk or table top nearby, you are one of the few. Mobile phones were first used to help companies stay connected to their employees on the field. Nowadays, smart phones have all the capabilities to allow employees to work remotely.

Direct Connection
Out of all the ways to communicate, besides face-to-face, telephones offer the most direct communication. No need to wait around for a response or risk a miscommunication because phone calls can offer immediate resolution.

Whether it’s your smartphone, desk phone, or home phone, what do you love so much about the telephone? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. For a great selection of business phones, consumer phones, phone systems, and telephone equipment, visit us online at or call 1-800-564-8045 to speak with us directly.

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The Heart Of Communication
With all of our technological advances, how has the telephone remained at the heart of our communications?

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