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What Is WebRTC & What Do We Need To Know

When it comes to communication, the phone has been the easiest way to get in contact with each other. As our phones get smarter, we not only have the ability to call people, but we can also communicate through text, email, and even social media. The newest player in the game is WebRTC, which may eventually eliminate the need for our telephone numbers by delivering communications through the Internet.

What is WebRTC? First, RTC stands for Real-Time Communications. WebRTC refers to a program designed to provide browsers and mobile apps with RTC capabilities. Simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the connection points for WebRTC. You may be more familiar with this technology than you think as it is already being implemented through web-enabled customer service agents and free conferencing services.

How To Make A WebRTC Call
To make a WebRTC call, you need to initiate connection through an Internet URL that represents a calling point. This could be a website’s click to call button, but the address could be accessed from any technology or application.

The recipient needs access to a URL that represents a user end-point where the call can be accepted. This could be another Internet browser or an SIP desk phone or smartphone.

Click To Call
Click to Call functions have been around, but WebRTC enables this function without any additional browser extensions or plug-ins. In doing do, WebRTC also creates a standard methodology for connections.

As our technology continues to advance, we will start to see more call from webpage options, but with more accessibility. We will be able to perform these actions through other routes such as your tablet browser, web-based social services, and web applications.

However, with this new technology come safety concerns. While encryption and authentication mechanisms are put in place, security, identity, and privacy issues are still a concern for most. Luckily, companies are aware of these concerns and continue to improve their security as the technology progresses.

What are your thoughts on WebRTC? Will it gain the expected popularity or will it take more time to become widely adopted? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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What Is WebRTC & What Do We Need To Know
The future of communications could be WebRTC. Learn more about what it is and how it may change the way we communicate.

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