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Communication Techniques For Business

While technology allows us to communicate in different ways, there’s something special about the good old fashioned phone call. When it comes to businesses, automated systems can help to cut costs and possibly save time, but most customers would prefer speaking to an actual person. Phone calls allow a sincere and lasting relationship to be forged between the company and its customers.

This relationship cannot be formed without the proper communication techniques. Keep these tips in mind to create a strong connection with your customers over the phone.

Be prepared when you take or make calls. Understand what the commonly asked questions will be and prepare answers, or even a script. Practice your pace, clarity and volume when you read through your script, and if you’re not confident about your voice throw, use a voice recorder.

Active Listening
Good listening skills are great to have in business and in life. They help to build strong relationships and portray a helping nature. Get into the habit of picking up the call with the intention of listening to the customer, whether it is a question or feedback. Fight the urge to interrupt and stay on track while asking relevant questions.

Business Phones
Plain and simple, business phones are designed to easily handle and manage business calls. Business phone systems allow employees to quickly transfer calls to the appropriate party for improved customer service. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable system with multiple lines and transfer abilities, you may want to go with a used or refurbished phone system.

Simple Explanations
No one likes to feel intimidated by big words or unfamiliar terms. Use layman’s terms when explaining things and avoid using slang. Remember to keep it short and straightforward and clarify problems in the easiest way possible.

Body language and communication go hand in hand. While the caller may not be able to see your gestures, they can be conveyed through your tone. Headsets allow you to do this easily, while minimizing any tension and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Remain Positive
Much like your gestures, a caller can hear your smile through the phone. When you deal with angry customers, it is important to remain calm and keep a positive discourse. Eliminate “can’t” and “don’t” from your vocabulary and try to put a positive spin on things.

At the end of the call, you want to summarize the main points. This will assure the customer that you were listening and allow you to clear up any misunderstandings, if any.

As a customer, are there any other tactics businesses can use to improve the customer experience? Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Communication Techniques For Business
Most customers value a phone conversation over dealing with an automated system. Engage in these techniques to improve the customer experience.

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