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How To Make A Conference Call On The NEC DTP 16D-1 Phone


The NEC DTP 16D-1 phone allows the user to make a three-way conference call. This enables the user to speak with two other parties at the same time. Whether you need to collaborate with colleagues or get an approval, the conference call can help you complete those tasks easily and conveniently.

Follow these steps to learn how to make a conference call on your NEC phone.

To begin a conference, dial a party. Once connected, or if the call is already in progress, ask the party to hold. Press TRANSFER and you should hear an uninterrupted dial tone. Next, dial the desired number. Once the second party answers, you may press Conference (Conf) and the LED light with turn on. The three-way conference is now established.

If one party hangs up, the other two parties will remain connected and the Conf LED will turn off.

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