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How To Transfer Calls On Vodavi Starplus STS Phones

When it comes to busy offices and high call volumes, call transfer can be a lifesaver. Easily direct callers to the appropriate party, improving efficiency and the customer experience overall. However, this depends on the type of desk phones used within the office. The Vodavi Starplus STS phone is easy to use, delivers solid performance, and comes equipped with exceptional features, including Call Transfer.

With Call Transfer on the Vodavi Starplus STS phone, outside lines can be transferred from one phone to another within the system. The transfer can be either screened (announced) or unscreened to either an idle or busy station, a UCD group, or a Hunt Group.

Executive/Secretary Transfer

  • If you are designated the Executive station and your phone is busy or in DND, all calls will be routed to the Secretary station.
  • If you are the designated Secretary station, you can signal the Executive that is busy or in DND by using the Camp On feature.

PBX/Centrex Transfer
While connected to an outside line (PBX/Centrex):

  1. Press FLASH. The transfer dial tone will be heard.
  2. Dial the PBX/Centrex station number.
  3. Hang up to complete the transfer.

Single Line Telephone
To make a PBX/Centrex Transfer:

  1. Briefly depress and release the hookswitch. An intercom dial tone will sound.
  2. Dial 660. A Flash command is presented to the PBX or Centrex CO Line (a stutter tone will sound).
  3. Dial the desired telephone number.
  4. Replace the handset to complete transfer.

Screened Transfer

To conduct the transfer, while connected to an outside line:

  1. Press the station button where call is to be transferred (if programmed on your telephone) or press TRANS and dial station number.
    The called extension signals according to the intercom signal switch position.
  2. When that extension answers, announce the transfer.
  3. Hang up to complete the transfer.

To answer the Screened Transfer:
Your intercom will be signaling according to the intercom signal switch position.

  1. Answer the intercom and receive the transfer notice.
  2. Press OUTSIDE LINE or flashing LOOP button on hold.
    Note: If the Direct Transfer feature is enabled, the screened transfer will go directly to the handset. You do not have to press a LINE or LOOP button to answer.

Transfer Search
When attempting to locate a party:

  1. Press a station DSS button to signal the station or press TRANS and dial desired station.
  2. If the station is unavailable, press another DSS button to enter a new station number or press TRANS twice and dial the station number.
  3. When the station answers, hang up to complete transfer.

Unanswered CO Call Transfer
While idle or on an internal/external call and an incoming or transferred CO call is ringing at your station:

  1. If on another call, place the current call on hold and replace the handset or press ON/OFF.
  2. Dial the INC CO XSFR code [639] or press preprogrammed ICN CO XSFR flexible button.
  3. Press a DSS, Group button, or dial a station or group number. Call automatically transfers to that destination.
  4. You can then return to the call placed on hold.

Unscreened Transfer

  1. Press the TRANS button.
  2. When the called extension begins to signal, hang up to transfer the call (the Recall Timer starts).
  3. Replace the handset or press ON/OFF.

And that is how you transfer calls on the Vodavi Starplus STS phone. For more information, please see your System Administrator.

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