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Call Handling On The Cisco 8841 IP Phone

If you’re looking for a quality IP phone to add to your office, consider investing in the Cisco 8841 IP phone. Aside from being cost-effective for your business, workers will appreciate the comprehensive set of unified communications features and the ease of use. Learn how to handle calls on the Cisco phone by following these steps.

Place A Call

  • Dial a number and then lift the handset (or press speaker button).
  • Lift handset (or press New Call or speaker button) and dial a number.

Internal Calls (4 Digit Extensions)

  • Dial a user’s 4 digit extension to call to an internal phone.

Local Calls

  • Dial 9 + XXX-XXXX

Long Distance Calls

  • Dial 9 + 1 + XXX-XXXX

Emergency (911) Calls

  • Dial either 2222 or 2226 (911 and 9+911 will be directed to 2222).

Answering & Ending A Call

  • Lift handset, press the Answer softkey or speaker button.
  • Hang-up handset or press the EndCall softkey to end a call.

Ignore A Call (Divert)

  • When the phone is ringing, but you want to send the caller directly to your voicemail, press the Decline softkey.

Redial A Number

  • Press Redial softkey.
  • Lift the handset and press the <Navigation> pad arrows to select a number from your call history.

Corporate Directory

  1. Press Contacts.
  2. Select Corporate Directory.
  3. Select either First Name, Last Name or Number.
  4. Enter the search criteria, press Submit, and select a contact.
  5. Press Dial or Press Details to check user details.

Hold And Resume A Call

  1. To place a call on hold, press Hold button.
  2. To retrieve call, either press the Resume softkey or Hold button.

Transfer A Call

  1. Verify that you are on an active call (not on hold).
  2. Press Transfer.
  3. Enter the transfer recipient’s phone number.
  4. Wait for the recipient to answer or skip to Step 5.
  5. Press Transfer again.

Call History

  1. If you have multiple lines, select a line to view.
  2. Press Applications.
  3. Scroll to Recents.
  4. To dial from the list, scroll to a call and press Call.

And that is how you handle basic calls on the Cisco 8841 IP phone. If you have further questions, please see your System Administrator.

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