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Blue Light Emergency Phones

Our ways of communicating seem to be ever changing. Over the years, we’ve seen the basic phone change and evolve with the times. From landlines to business phones to pagers to cell phones, ways of communicating have become creative and convenient. However, amidst all this, at least one thing has remained an important staple, especially on college campuses: the blue light emergency phone.

These blue light emergency phones can be seen on nearly every college campus, and, while they may not be used as often, it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. Since they are already set up, are relatively easy to maintain, and can be of great help in emergency situations, there is no immediate need to uproot these phones.

The blue light emergency phones provide a direct connection to campus police. These phones are more convenient that memorizing the campus police phone number or searching for it in your cell phone. Because it’s campus police, the response time is also likely to be faster than calling local police from your cell phone.

Most people usually have their cell phones with them, but in the event that a student leaves their phone in their room or their battery has died, these emergency phones provide an easy and reliable way to get help.

Also, when a call is made, the blue strobe light is activated, easily alerting others of a nearby dilemma. Other students can attempt to help or, in extreme situations, seek refuge from the potential assailant. The blue light also helps the campus police determine the location of the incident.

While some are ditching the blue light emergency phone system, many are still maintaining and even upgrading their systems. Updated phones may include security cameras and paging systems from campus wide announcements.

Overall, these campus emergency phone systems seem like a good system to keep around. In the wake of recent campus violence, any extra means for safety are a good idea.

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