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Business Communication Is Shifting Towards BYOD

Many companies are moving towards a BYOD (bring your own device) system so that employees can work in office or remotely. While this provides flexibility with employee schedules, better productivity and accessibility, it can have a harmful affect on individuals.

It’s hard enough for people to disconnect from their personal cell phones, so what happens when work and business is added to the mix? Using cell phones as business phones can be more convenient for certain companies and industries, but it is a practice that can put workers at risk, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Businesses that use BYOD or supply work cell phones should enforce the fact that business calls should not be handled while driving. A hands free alternative should be provided as needed. However, if an employee is at fault in an accident involving cell phones and business calls, businesses could find themselves in hot water. With smart planning and compliant workers, these programs can work, but businesses and employees alike should proceed with caution.

Another potential problem with having a work cell phone is that you may never completely detach from work. It’s important to be able to separate leisure time and work time. Being available at all times can lead to stress and poor health choices. Is the benefit of a more flexible schedule worth the potential risk of burnout?

Does your company utilize a BYOD program or do they supply work cell phones? How has this impacted your work and home life? Have there been any problems with distracted driving? We want to hear about your personal experience and what you have to say about this topic. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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