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How VoIP Can Improve Collaboration

When it comes to collaboration in the workplace, its definition can be rather flexible. This works to its advantage as this allows for more innovative approaches to this concept. However, because it lacks a standardized approach, confusion may ensue.

Although collaboration may be difficult to articulate, VoIP is not. And because VoIP is easy and clear cut, it can help to lead the way into more collaboration. Because telephony is no longer a primary mode for communication, it may be hard to grasp how VoIP can facilitate collaboration. Here are a few ways that VoIP influences employee collaboration.

VoIP offers more than just telephony. It enables other forms of voice, which is critical for getting a wider range of employees to use modern collaboration solutions.

Real Time Communication
When you’re up against a deadline and need an answer, response, or approval immediately, real time communication is the only way to get it done. Although messaging applications are growing in popularity, they are still not the best solution for real time communications. Until these applications improve and become the norm, VoIP is the best way to get real time communication done.

Because VoIP is web-based, it provides the same flexibility as other collaboration applications. But unlike legacy, VoIP provides employees accessibility to the company phone system and other modes of voice from any broadband connection, thus making it an ideal solution to drive collaboration.

Legacy doesn’t provide much room, if any, for integration, which is the beauty of VoIP. VoIP offers a wide range of support for other applications, which enhances the collaboration experience.

Paying for workplace applications is not usually a concern for end users, however, anything that’s free or near-free has an allure. There are web-based VoIP applications that provide voice for little to no cost. Because of this, VoIP can be an easy and cost-effective way to encourage collaboration, within and outside of the workplace.

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How VoIP Can Improve Collaboration
Learn about the different ways VoIP can influence and impact collaboration in the workplace.

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