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VoIP Phone Systems For Business Security

Whether your business requires sensitive information to be shared over the phone or not, your customers should be able to trust that phone conversations and their information are safe and secure. Things like contacts and credit card information from your customers should be kept away from those not authorized to obtain such information.

VoIP phone systems offer a plethora of features including smart business security options. Here are just some of the ways upgrading to a VoIP system can improve your business security.

Prevent Unauthorized Access
VoIP systems offer customizable settings, including security preferences which can prevent others from gaining access to the system (either outside or in-house). Individual-based settings are sometimes offered as well, which may allow managers and team leaders the ability to monitor employee activity and limit access and functions as necessary. This can help prevent unauthorized or accidental downloads of malware and viruses and security breaches.

Record Calls
All calls can be recorded and played back as needed in order to pinpoint the problems which may have led to a security breach or solve any issues regarding a specific employee or incident.

Call Encryption
For most VoIP phone systems, you can enable call encryption, which helps to prevent any hackers from connecting to your network and acquiring sensitive information. Only the involved parties on the call are able to understand the conversation, making each call secure.

Advanced System Monitoring
With a VoIP system, you can monitor and access other areas of your business systems network (email, fax, internet usage and history, downloads/uploads, etc.). You can also get detailed reports on every call. This can be beneficial if you have remote workers or an employee who recently left the company, but still uses the system to make calls.

Aside from these security benefits, VoIP phone systems have much more to offer.  When choosing a VoIP system to suit your needs, be sure to explore all features and options. While you may not need all the features from the start, VoIP systems allow you to expand your system as your company continues to grow.

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VoIP Phone Systems For Business Security
By employing a VoIP phone system for your company, you can enhance business security and improve the customer experience overall.

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