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VoIP Services For Your Business

VoIP technologies are expanding and providing businesses with more options than ever before. It’s no surprise that more and more people are making the switch.

VoIP Services
Whether you go the hosted Cloud services route, or manage your own system, switching to VoIP technology will afford your business a multitude of benefits. VoIP solutions are available for fax, email, voicemail, conferences and work across business phones and mobile phones. Connect your communication routes to make it easier for customers and colleagues to contact you. Keep your employees accessible to your customers for improved service and business. Aside from this, VoIP services can often be more cost-effective upfront and in the long run.

Perceived downsides of VoIP include reliability and latency. People may find that calls may not be as reliable on VoIP as on other systems. Latency issues deal with how long a command takes to respond. However, both of these issues can be addressed by choosing the right provider. If you have concerns, whether it’s regarding reliability, latency, or something else, seek a provider that addresses these concerns and puts forth an effort to safeguard whatever it may be.

Emergency Calls
Emergency calling from VoIP systems may be a concern for some. Emergency calls from traditional phone systems can easily be tracked since the phone number is linked to a physical location. IP technology lacks that direct relation. However, VoIP calls can be tracked. An Internet service provider can track an IP address and, in most cases, the signal can be tracked.

Telephone hacking can be a threat to businesses, but with the appropriate safeguards, you can keep your VoIP calls safe. If available, take advantage of security options (ex. encryption or firewalls) from your provider. You may also be interested in anti-virus software. This will protect you from known viruses, but because attackers are always creating new viruses, it is imperative to maintain and keep your software up to date. Before switching to VoIP, assess your telephone security needs and choose a provider and/or software accordingly.

Much like everything else, VoIP services are not perfect. But overall, the advantages of VoIP technologies far outweigh the disadvantages. Affordability, efficiency, versatility, and scalability are just some of the reasons businesses want to switch.

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