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Starbucks Wireless Phone-Charging Stations

Starbucks has implemented numerous ways to draw us in, with their coffee, free Wi-Fi, member perks and mobile payments. Their newest endeavor offers what some consider an ultimate convenience. Starbucks has recently announced they will soon be offering wireless charging stations for mobile phones in their stores.

It’s likely we’ve all experienced this at least once: searching for an open outlet to charge our phones so we take advantage of the Starbucks atmosphere and free Wi-Fi while powering up. With the installment of these wireless phone-charging mats, there’s no need to carry our chargers or depend on outlet availability.

Some Starbucks locations in Boston and San Jose have begun executing these charging stations, but the question still remains: will this work? The wireless charging stations are Duracell Powermats, but not all phones are equipped with wireless phone-charging abilities. There are phone accessories on the market which will enable this wireless charging, but will the masses give in? If so, the wireless charging industry may see a substantial boost in sales.

Aside from compatibility issues, this venture could turn out to be a promising one. With coffee, free Wi-Fi and charging stations, will more business people opt to work out of the office and in a Starbucks? Will this eventually take a toll on productivity? Does this further illustrate our dependence on technology?

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