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What Is The Telecom Infra Project?

If you haven’t heard, Facebook is now looking to improve high-speed wireless deployment around the world through the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) aims to bring operators and companies together to build-out wireless networks in underserved areas. Because our networks need to keep up with our advancing technology and capabilities, rather than having individual companies try to tackle this near impossible feat alone, this collaborative effort was born.

This collaboration will open up a system that is traditionally closed, affording operators more flexibility when it comes to building more networks. While some partners have been announced, more involvement can expedite the process of providing services. But what will the TIP do?

An example of their work includes a partnership with Globe to bring cellular service to one village in the Philippines, and the UK provider EE plans to bring 4G service to hard-to-connect areas of the Scottish Highlands.

You might be wondering why Facebook is pursuing this out of the ordinary endeavor, and, the truth is, there are a few reasons. This undertaking ultimately benefits Facebook, as more people will be able to access the platform and its content. With a wider reach, advertising prices can go up and more data can be collected.

For telecom companies, these efforts are not necessarily the most lucrative investments, as they are reaching out to underserved areas that may not be “worth it.” But that is precisely why Facebook is contributing to this cause and carrying some of the weight.

Lastly, the TIP is Facebook’s way of giving back to the wireless carriers. Popular content providers have basically been getting a free ride with wireless carriers’ infrastructure. Luckily, with the TIP, both sides are sharing resources and working together.

What are your thoughts on TIP? How do you think it will affect our wireless communication and data network? Connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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What Is The Telecom Infra Project?
The Telecom Infra Project is Facebook's collaborative effort with telecom companies to provide wireless networks to underserved areas.

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