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Smart Voice Services

It is likely that you’ve been notified that your call may be recorded at least once in your life. But what really happens with those recordings? How long are they stored and are they really used for review?

As our means of communications continues to transform, a light is shed on Smart Voice services. Conversations with Siri or utilizing voice commands on our smart phones are some of the convenient ways we can profit from this technology. Smart Voice allows voice to become data to be stored for easy retrieval and authentication for various situations.

Smart Voice services include call recording, as well as archiving, voice biometrics and analytics. For call centers especially, these Smart Voice services can provide faster, more secure and better quality interactions leading to increased productivity and improved service.

With Smart Voice services, voice data is saved and can be used for analyzing interactions. Indexing and archiving voice data files makes it easier to search for recordings when problems or disputes arise. The call recording can be retrieved and reviewed to resolve the problem.

HD voice quality is pertinent to many aspects of Smart Voice. In relation to voice biometrics, HD voice quality allows for faster, precise identification of a person. Voice identification can also be a more secure way of verifying identity than exchanging personal information over the phone. Call quality is also improved, minimizing miscommunications. Speech-to-text is reliant upon voice quality for accurate results.

While this technology is helpful to call centers, its value outside of that realm is in question. While the voice services on our smart phones can be helpful, how often do we really use them? With options like Skype and Google Voice, and the prevalence of texts and emails, it’s hard to plead a case for voice communications.

Do you feel that Smart Voice has a promising future? Is there still value in voice communications? We would love to hear what you have to say about this topic. Share with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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