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Virtual Smartphone App

Businesses, employees & IT administrators rejoice! There may be a solution to the BYOD security issues after all.

It seems Dell and Vonage have partnered to create a Virtual Smartphone App. This app enables more secure business interactions and expense tracking for business related calls.

While there are apps out there that help to make BYOD easier, the Dell-Vonage endeavor seems more promising. Most of these BYOD apps are only available on certain platforms, while the Dell-Vonage app is available for all. Starting at $19.99 per line per month with up to 1,000 voice minutes and unlimited text, the app has a launch date for October 2014.

Another important feature is that it can distinguish between personal and business calls, and also allows for business call recordings. Thanks to their partnership with Vonage, all business interactions, whether calls, text, voicemail, email, or even data, will be managed and tracked via cloud services. Cloud services would also enable storage and sharing of content for project collaboration.

Users will need to download the app and will be assigned a virtual Vonage VoIP number, which will be added to their contacts and shared with others on the network. Personal and business phone numbers will remain separate for tracking and expense purposes. However, the business app would not impose on the employee’s personal space (i.e. you may snap a photo to be saved to your personal gallery while attending to a business call).The downside that people may find that, being a Dell app, services and support must also be exclusively Dell or Dell affiliated.

What will this app mean for businesses? Will the BYOD program begin to be more accepted by various companies? Promises of security seem sound, but hacking is always a looming possibility.

Does your company employ a BYOD program? Is it likely that they will try this new app? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Find us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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