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Will Consumers Value HD Voice and VoLTE Features?

How often do you make voice calls? For most people these days, it is rare. But why are most of us abandoning what has worked for so many years?  Most would attribute this to the convenience of text and email. Phone calls are still being made, however, a noticeable decline has occurred.

Aside from the expediency of text and email, call quality could be the culprit as well. Of the complaints about cell phones over the years, call quality is a major one. Poor signal and unreliability leads to calls cutting out, static and dropped calls. Frustration often naturally ensues, leading people to happily turn to text and email. While our smart phones advance, call quality has yet to noticeably improve. Alas, Verizon may have the answer.

Verizon is working to change that, by soon offering HD Voice and voice-over LTE (VoLTE). Both features greatly enhance the calling experience, but is that enough?

HD Voice brings technology that uses less compression, allowing voices to sound more natural versus robotic. However, the only way for this to work is if both parties possess smart phones with HD Voice compatibility.

VoLTE will run on data network to conduct both voice and data traffic. This will enable video calling between individuals without an additional fee for the service.

Verizon has yet to announce the big reveal and which devices will have these features. Also, the Verizon networks would need a sufficient upgrade to offer both VoLTE and HD voice features. But together, these features could change the way we communicate, bringing back voice calls and enabling easier access to video calls.

Do you make a lot of calls from your cell phone, whether related to work, school or your personal life? Do you find these features appealing? Would you to purchase phones equipped with HD Voice and VoLTE? Do you see this as a vain attempt to sell new, unnecessary features? We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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