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How To Program An Intertel Phone

As you may already know, Inter-Tel was acquired by Mitel back in 2007. More recently, May 30th of this year marked the end for the Inter-Tel Axxess system. While some Inter-Tel Axxess phones still exist and are being used, their value has, and will continue to, decrease. Over time, replacement parts will become difficult to find as well.

Despite their discontinuation, Inter-Tel Axxess phones still have value. Those accustomed to the system know that the simple yet elegant design, versatility, special features and functions prove beneficial and convenient.

If your office still uses Inter-Tel Axxess telephones and programming the phones is necessary, here are some helpful tips.

 Setting the Date & Time

While the phone is on the hook, press 9-8-0-0 on the keypad. The display should read “DATE.” Enter the correct date in MMDDYY form. Example – April 2, 2010 would be input as 040210. If the date is correct, press # to skip.

Next, the display will read “TIME.” Use the keypad to enter hours and minutes. Depending on how your time is displayed, you may need to specify whether it is AM (Press 1) or PM (Press 2). Once you’ve accepted the time and date, the display will read “SYSTEM DATE AND TIME UPDATED.”

Programming Speed Dial Numbers

When programming speed dial numbers, you have three options:

  • Use the keypad to manually enter the phone number you wish to program. Use the MUTE button as a backspace for any mistakes.
  • Press the REDIAL button to use the last number dialed.
  • Press one of the speed dial keys to enter the phone number.

These phone numbers can contain up to 32 digits. The speed dial names can contain up to 16 characters.

For more tips on how to program your Inter-Tel Axxess phones, click here.

How To Program Intertel Axxess PhonesLuckily, most Inter-Tel Axxess phones can easily be upgraded to Mitel MiVoice systems. The integration of Mitel and Inter-Tel has provided consumers with more advanced products as well as an easier transition to these new and upgraded systems.

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