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New Year’s Cards Are The New Holiday Cards

The holiday season can be rather hectic. Event after event, shopping, gift wrapping, and delivering gifts – it seems like the tasks are never ending. Amid all the stress and chaos, did sending out a Christmas card slip your mind? It’s going to be okay, and here’s why.

Sending out a New Year’s card is much more practical and buys you more time to get them out. Once Christmas is over and done with, you can breathe a bit, thus giving you time to put together your New Year’s Card. And think, while you’re greeting friends and family with well wishes for the New Year, these can also double as Thank You Cards.

Wishing someone a Happy New Year with a heartfelt message seems like a more personal and touching greeting than a Holiday card with a rushed, general message. With more time to think and reflect on what you want to say, your greeting will come off as more sincere and genuine, which most people would appreciate.

Bottom line is that a greeting card, no matter what the reason, is always a nice way to keep in touch with friends and family. While we can simply pick up a phone and shoot a text or call someone, there’s something sweet and sentimental about snail mail.

Do any of you opt for sending a New Year’s greeting card versus a Holiday card? How have your friends and family responded? We would love to hear about your personal experiences. Please share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Your friends at would like to wish you much happiness, success, and love in the New Year. May 2015 be the best year yet.  Have a safe & Happy New Year!


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New Year’s Cards Are The New Holiday Cards
Happy New Year from! Out with the old, In with the new. New Year’s Cards are the next big thing and we’ll explain why.

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