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How To Use The Nortel M7310 Business Phone


The Nortel M7310 is an excellent business phone, equipped with numerous features and functions to help you work more efficiently in the office. With a straightforward design and great versatility, the Nortel M7310 business phone is ideal for businesses large and small.

The Nortel M7310 features your standard corded handset and key pad, along with 10 programmable line buttons and 12 dual-function memory buttons surrounding an LCD display screen.

The 10 programmable line buttons are found on the bottom right side of the phone, with the bottom right button fixed as a hands free speaker button. Programmed by your system administrator, a panel going down the middle of these buttons allows for button labels.

Just above these buttons are soft keys that correspond with the 2 line x 16 character LCD display screen. This screen displays the date and time, caller ID information, and more. The soft keys allow you to easily navigate through the display menu.

Above your display screen, you’ll see 12 buttons and a triangle shaped button to the right of them. These are the 12 dual-function memory buttons and the triangular button is the shift key, which allows you to access the secondary functions of these buttons.

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How To Use The Nortel M7310 Business Phone
How To Use The Nortel M7310 Business Phone

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