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Why Landlines Should Make A Comeback

By now, it’s likely that most of us have abandoned the landline and have gone strictly mobile. Let’s face it, smart phones are easy to use and transport, and do much more for you than your landline could. They’re like mini, portable computers, giving us everything we think we need at our fingertips. However, there are valid reasons why you should use your landline at home.

In Case Of Emergency

Need to call 911? Landlines have got you covered. You may not get stable signal in your home, but your landline does. Power outage and your battery died? Your landline will work. Bottom line, your landline could potentially save your life.

No Health Concerns

It is believed that there is a link between cell phone radiation and increased cancer risk. While research is ongoing and has yet to reach a definitive consensus, home phones do not pose this risk.

You Can Hear Loud And Clear

On your landline, you can hear the person on the other end much clearer (so long as they aren’t on a cell phone).

No Dropped Calls

Dropped calls? Not likely on landlines. Again, unless the person you are conversing with is on a cell phone, the dropping of the call won’t be your fault.

You’re Paying For It Anyways

Your phone service is likely included in your cable or internet service bill, so, as long as you’re paying for it, you might as well use it, right?

Cool Designs

It’s hard to deny the aesthetic appeal of antique and vintage phones. Aside from a bit of nostalgia, they can be a conversation piece for your next party. Or you can add some flair to your décor.


Because most home phones are wired, you are tethered to its base, forcing you to stay put, focus, and truly engage in the conversation. With mobile phones, we often attempt to multitask simply because we can. Unfortunately, this makes us less present in the conversation. Landlines will allow us to hone our communication skills for a genuine interaction.

Reliable Equipment

So long as your phone is working fine, you won’t need to upgrade. With mobile phones, it seems a new phone is available every few months. Avoid the distraction or temptation to upgrade with your landline phones.

Dramatic Effect

If you got into an argument over the phone, do you remember slamming down the phone when you hung up? It helped to get some anger and frustration out. Furiously tapping a screen doesn’t quite have the same effect. Also, slamming down your cell phone can cause expensive damage that you don’t want to pay for. Home phones are fairly sturdy and can take the beating.

Better Sleep

If you adopt a policy of only using your mobile phone when you’re out, it will be easier to disconnect at night. Instead of spending time in bed on your phone, you can get to sleep sooner. Plus, without that added stress, you will likely rest easier at night.

No Pocket Dialing

No more accidentally calling someone in the middle of something potentially embarrassing. Make and engage in calls when you please, not by mistake.

These are just a few reasons to consider re-adopting your landline. Are there reasons that we missed? Are there reasons you want to banish the landline? Let’s start a discussion – connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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