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How To Place A Conference Call On The Intertel Axxess 550.4500 Phone

Do you own an Intertel Axxess 550.4500 phone? If so, do you know how to place a conference call on your phone? If the answer is no, is here to help. Our latest tutorial video will take you through the steps of placing a conference call on your Intertel Axxess 550.4500 phone.

Before we begin, you will want to locate the Conference button, usually labeled [CNF], as it is pertinent to our demonstration.

We can begin with the first call. While on the line with the first party, press the [CNF] button or the CNF menu key to place the party on hold. Place the next call, and once that party is on the line, press either the flashing [CNF] button or the CNF menu key to place them on hold, also. You may repeat this step to add another line to the conference, up to three additional parties. When you are ready to join all the calls, press the flashing [CNF] button or the CONNECT TO CONFERENCE menu key.

Now that you’re on the conference call, here are a few helpful functions:


To place the conference call on hold, simply press the HOLD button. This will place all the parties on hold while still connected. To return to the conference, press the flashing [CNF] button.

Drop Out

To drop out of a conference means that you will exit the call while the other parties remain connected. To do this, press the flashing [CNF] button and then hang up.

Add Additional Parties

If you have begun a conference call and find that you need to add more parties, you can do so by pressing the ADD PARTY menu key. Dial the phone number and once you are connected with the party, press the solidly lit [CNF] button twice, or press the [CNF] button once, then press CONNECT TO CONFERENCE, to rejoin the conference with the additional party.


This next step will end the conference call, but each party will be put on an individual hold. First, press the flashing [CNF] button then press HOLD. To speak to each line directly, either press HOLD or a flashing key.


If you want to listen to the call, but not be heard, you can mute your microphone. Simply press the [MUTE] button or the Mute menu key. Just remember to unmute when you need to speak.


To transfer the conference to another extension or voice mail, press [TRANSFER] or the TRANSFER CNF menu key and dial the desired extension number. When you are ready to complete the transfer, just hang up.

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