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How To Turn On/Off Disturb On The Comdial Impact 8012S

Comdial 8012SHas there ever been a time when you’re swamped with work and you do not want to be disturbed? Or you’re attempting to meet a deadline and every second counts so you want to eliminate any distractions? Or maybe you’re on an important call and you don’t want any other calls coming in. No matter what the situation, there is an answer.

The Do Not Disturb option on the Comdial Impact 8012S phone allows you to decline calls when you simply cannot take calls. While this feature is on, callers will hear two quick tone bursts every two seconds, indicating that the Do Not Disturb function is in order.

The steps to turn this option on and off on the Comdial Impact 8012S phone are quite simple. Follow along to learn how to turn the Do Not Disturb option on and off, and how to override it, if enabled.

Do Not Disturb – On

To turn this option on, press Options. Press Next until the DND option appears. Press DND, then press On. You may then press Exit, and press Speaker to end.

If you hear a call ringing and see caller information on the display screen, you may turn on the Do Not Disturb mode by pressing DND. The ringing will stop and the caller will hear the Do Not Disturb tone. Your phone will remain in this mode until you disable the feature (see below).

Do Not Disturb – Off

To turn the Do Not Disturb mode off, press Options. Press Next until the DND option appears, then press DND. This time, you’ll press Off, then press Exit, and press Speaker to end.

Do Not Disturb – Override

In some cases, your system administrator may program certain phones with the executive override feature. Phones with this feature may override a call in progress or a Do Not Disturb condition. If your phone has the executive override function enabled, press OVER to disable the Do Not Disturb condition at the called station. If it is in voice-first mode, you may speak your announcement. If it is in tone-first mode, you’ll hear a ring-back tone. The called station will have DND disabled until it is reset.

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