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Are You Considering Switching To VoIP?

Transitioning to a VoIP phone system is not as bad as it may seem. With proper research and informed decisions, you could end up with your ideal VoIP system. You will want to consider these things before you make any decisions.

VoIP Features

For a smooth transition, VoIP phones usually maintain the familiar look and feel of traditional business phones. However, the difference is the availability of special features. These features may include call recording, specialized conferencing features, and more.

The features and functions of VoIP systems, and any phone system in general, play a large role in your ultimate decision. Beyond that, your service provider and your VoIP phones should have a certain level of compatibility based on the specific features and functions you desire. For example, high-definition voice is a fairly common and excellent feature provided by VoIP systems, however, your devices must have the capacity to support it.

Scope Of Service

You have the option of starting fresh with a new VoIP system, or you may adjust and adapt your current phone system. If you go with the former, you may supply your own network, and your vendor would provide a phone system which IT manages. The latter would require the use of analog telephone adapters to VoIP-enable legacy telephones.

Another important factor is deciding between a cloud- or on-premise-based system, along with maintenance and professional services. Your specific needs and budget will help determine which services you should or should not enlist.

Network Requirements

Your network requirements may vary whether you’re executing a full transition or transitioning in a series of phases. Remember, you will be going from having your telephony network on its own to integrating it within your data network. VoIP does not use a lot of bandwidth, however, the new influx of traffic may interfere with performance. This can be resolved by upgrading cabling or capacity, or prioritizing voice traffic.

Another alternative could be to route your voice data over a separate data network. This offers a higher level security while still providing the numerous VoIP benefits.

Future Expansion

VoIP systems can offer versatility when it comes to future expansion abilities. To ease your way into a VoIP system, you may want to work with a vendor who offers a hybrid service. Long-term needs should also be considered before jumping into a new system.

While choosing a VoIP system can take some time, money, and much thought, the benefits will pay off. Browse our selection of VoIP business phones, systems, and equipment online or give us a call at 1-800-564-8045. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready and willing to assist you. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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