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Can Cloud Telephony Help Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, with proper leverage of technology, you can get ahead of the game. Of the many technologies that are available, cloud telephony is often approached with hesitation. However, biting the bullet will reveal that cloud telephony can offer a multitude of benefits.

But what is cloud telephony, exactly? When you implement cloud telephony, all your required voice and SMS services are managed in the cloud. Cloud telephony is often more affordable, highly scalable, and does not require physical infrastructure.

Here’s how cloud telephony can enhance your small business:

Never Miss A Call

Most cloud telephony providers offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which answers calls and greets callers with a pre-programmed menu of options. Instead of having your callers reach a busy tone, or wait on the other line while you finish a call, IVR can pick up the slack when your call volume becomes overwhelming. By enabling customers to reach the IVR rather than a busy tone, you care able to cater to more customers.

Improve Customer Service

Aside from being able to handle more customer calls, you can improve your customer service overall with different features and services.

  • Utilize a toll-free number from your provider as it will help encourage customers to reach out and call.
  • By employing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you can archive your customers’ details and history, and have it readily available when you assist them. This provides a more personalized, easy interaction, strengthening the business-customer relationship.
  • Call recording may help you analyze what does and does not work when it comes to dealing with your customers.

Marketing Benefits

Your provider can assist you in linking different virtual numbers to different campaigns. These virtual numbers can then be tracked and analyzed to determine which campaigns are successful or not, allowing you to spend your marketing budget wisely.


If your provider offers call conferencing services, this can save you money by allowing internal or external conferencing without Internet use. Connect with other employees, or communicate with business partners easily and securely.

Mass Promotions

If your provider supports sending bulk messages or voice calls, you can get the word out on your latest sale or promotion. Reach your customers simultaneously to efficiently promote your business.

Does your business use a cloud telephony system? How has your business benefitted from these services? Share your experiences with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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How Cloud Telephony Can Benefit Small Businesses
Own a small business or startup company? You may want to consider utilizing a cloud telephony system.

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