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Keep Your Personal Data Safe

Wallet, keys, mobile device. Our devices have become an essential part of our lives. Much more than a means to call and communicate with people, our devices have become like our second brains. We store important information and have access to nearly every aspect of our lives at our fingertips. Contacts, business emails, banking, even health information – you name it, and there is likely a handful of apps for it.

However, with such sensitive information available, it is increasingly important that we employ security measures to protect our devices and data. If your device ends up in the wrong hands, your personal information could be in jeopardy. Consider these tips when it comes to your device security.

Set a Personal Identification Number passcode lock on your device. Avoid using common things such as address numbers, birthdays, or your bank PIN. Try to use something unique that is both hard to guess, but easy for you to remember. Also, it is wise to use as many numbers as available (usually between 4 to 6 digits).

Auto-Lock Settings
You should also set auto-lock on your device. This way, if you’re out and about and someone happens to steal your phone, your device is locked. To protect your device further, you can set auto-lock and destroy, which will automatically destroy your data after 10 unlocking attempts. This limits the amount of chances the thief has to guess your passcode. And even if the person was able to unlock the phone, your personal data will be wiped clean.

There are plenty of different security applications out there that may be tailored to protecting your device. For example, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the “Find My Phone” app and utilize it when your device goes missing.

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Keep Your Personal Data Safe
Our mobile devices can contain a multitude of personal information about us. Protect your device with these security tips.

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