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Build A Solid Communication Architecture

In any company or business, communication is an important pillar that bears weight on nearly every aspect of business. Whether it is communication among colleagues or with customers or partners, the way we converse and convey ideas is ever important.

When it comes to decision making, there is a constant battle between speed and quality. You want to make decisions quickly without making rash decisions. But sometimes the right decision takes longer as deliberation, discussion, and collaboration are required.

Find the right balance requires a little something called communication architecture.

Communication Architecture
Communication architecture is basically how you effectively communicate within your business. It is how often you collaborate and exchange information or ideas and helps to structure how and when you all get together. Understanding your communication architecture and adapting to changing needs helps to fortify a solid base within your business.

For example, are all of your departments on the same page when it comes to the business and your customer service? How quickly is your new hire adapting to your company? While other factors may play a role, the purpose of communication architecture is to address these issues and find ways to improve, but this practice requires proactive thoughts and time.

Getting Started
To build a strong and solid communication architecture, you must first understand your company, your goals, and your employees. For example, if you are a young, startup company, your needs will differ from an older, more established enterprise. From here you can determine where you stand when it comes to decision-making speed and room for error. Of course, this will change over time as you learn what works and what doesn’t, which is precisely why communication architecture is an ongoing process.

Finding What Works
This part requires some trial and error, however, the pay off can be tremendous. You may want to try things like a regularly scheduled, company-wide meeting or a weekly debriefing. Or maybe you invest some time in team building so your employees can get to know each other and feel comfortable sharing ideas in an open forum. Your employee’s individual communication style may vary across the board, which is why you must also find balance.

While it could be great to keep open communication and convene regularly, you must also be conscious of information overload and oversharing. Monitor your goals, both immediate and long term, and adjust your practices as necessary. Be open to feedback should anyone have any.

Communication architecture does not have to be perfect, but it must constantly be adjusted and adapted to suit our ever-changing needs. What works for your business? Share your tips and ideas with us and your peers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Build A Solid Communication Architecture
Do you know what communication architecture is and how it can benefit the success and productivity of your business?

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