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Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is key for both personal and professional relationships. With the appropriate skills, we can forge meaningful relationships, avoid conflicts as a result of miscommunication, and ensure that each party is on the same page. On the other hand, poor communication can result in disagreements, tension, and overall chaos.

June is Effective Communications Month so we’re sharing some helpful tips to improve your workplace communication.

  • Write emails the way you want to receive them.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. The same goes for communication through email. Would you like to open up an email that was written in all caps? We didn’t think so. Keep your emails short and sweet – start with a warm greeting, get straight to the point, and end with a cordial closing. If your email is more than 3 sentences long, you may want to consider making a quick phone call instead.

  • Don’t let a simple misunderstanding linger.

Deal with any miscommunications as soon as possible. If there is any disconnect or tension between coworkers, it’s best to resolve it quickly and find out what went wrong. Not only will you avoid any further conflicts, but you both will be able to understand the mistake and prevent it from happening again.

  • Understand that schedules are not always the same.

Every employee has their own schedule. If you need a coworker to take a look at your work, make sure that you are considerate of their time. While you may be rushing to meet a deadline, they may have their own deadlines to meet and tasks to finish. If they are busy, they will let you know, but you can usually trust that they will get to your request in a timely fashion.

  • Stop the gossip.

It’s true, not everyone will get along within a company, but resorting to gossip will create a divide whether anyone is aware of it or not. Gossiping creates a negative atmosphere and that is the last thing you need if you want a productive workspace.

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Improve Your Communication Skills
June is Effective Communications Month so what better time to go over some workplace communication tips.

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