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Improve Your Email Communications

Social media, text messaging, video calls… our means of communications these days is seemingly endless. Yet, with our advanced technologies, misunderstandings happen. Whether in personal or business relationships, these can be damaging. Despite being one of the primary ways we communicate, email tends to be more prone to these communication blunders.

While other modes of communication are more effective, they are not always the most practical solution. Overall, emails are a quick and less intrusive, thus their frequent use. Since email isn’t going anywhere, we must address the potential communication risks and discover ways to avoid making these mistakes.

Here are some of the most common email communication problems we can encounter.

  • Lost In Translation

When we send messages via email, the recipient is presented with text only. Without viewing body language or hearing tone and inflections, the message can get misinterpreted. Conveying sarcasm, excitement, or other emotions can be challenging through email.

  • Filled With Errors

Because emails are so convenient, we are often multitasking when drafting them. Whether on our computers, tablets, or smartphones, we are prone to typos and errors, especially if we are not playing close attention to detail. This can result in unprofessional and misunderstood messages.

  • Delayed Decisions

Email allows us to read and respond to them on our own terms, which is not always in a timely fashion. While your message may pop up immediately, the recipient may not address it as quickly as you may like. This can result in delayed decisions or answers.

  • Lost Messages

On occasion, emails can get lost (and we may never know where they go). When this happens, depending on the importance of the email, the consequences can be dire.

The chance that you have experienced one or all of these things at some point in your career is high. With that being said, we must improve our communication skills to excel in the professional landscape.

Here are some tips to enhance your email communication skills.

  • Effective Subject Line

If you want your emails to be opened quickly, a strategic, well-written subject line is key. Writing the subject line in a call-to-action format might be the best approach. For example, if your email pertains to the Johnson Project, instead of simply putting “Johnson Project” you can use something like “Approve the Johnson Project by 3pm.”

  • Enable Prompts

Email platforms have an option to prompt a review before an email is sent. Make sure this option is enabled because it prevents you from prematurely sending an email and forces you to review your message before actually sending it. This minor step can save you lots of trouble in the long run.

  • Get To The Point

Your time is precious and so is your recipient’s so keep your emails brief and straight to the point. If you have a lot of information to purvey, try starting with a quick introduction and use bullet points for an easier scan.

  • No Confidential Info

Confidential information has no place in email, even if you think it is just between you and your recipient. If your email gets hacked or if it ends up in the wrong hands somehow, you can face serious consequences.

  • Never Email Angry

Emotions are a dangerous thing. And while an angry phone call can be bad, an angry email is worse. Once you hit send, there is record of what you said. It can be shared, printed, saved, and used against you. If you feel the urge to send an emotionally charged email, take a breath, get up from your desk and take a short walk around the office or outside. This quick break will hopefully calm your nerves and force you to reevaluate your actions.

  • Maximize Your Signature

Your signature can be a powerful thing. You want people to be able to contact you, so it is wise to include all of your contact information, your title and company name, plus any social media and websites. Not only does this provide your recipient with the many different avenues to connect with you, but you are also showing confidence in yourself and your company.

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Improve Your Email Communications
Communicating through email can be tricky. Avoid these common mistakes and heed these tips to improve your email communication skills.

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