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Enhancing Your Communication Skills

No matter what field you work in, strong communication skills are important to possess. Not only must you master verbal and non-verbal communication, but developing and refining other skills, such as facilitation, documentation, integration, and presentation, will only improve your conversational expertise.

A good facilitator will understand different people and their communication styles and adjust their own styles to suit the other person’s needs. They will also engage in active listening by interpreting body language, non-verbal cues and voice tone. Another key aspect is to work on improvisational skills to use as needed. Facilitators should be able to run meetings, from one-on-one interviews to large workshops, as well as identify problems and desired solutions, and set forth in achieving that goal.

Documentations provides a physical record of communications, whether written text, diagrams, or notes, that tell the story of a journey from problem to solution in a way for audiences to engage and understand.

Documentation skills require you to know how to develop surveys and questionnaires, create interview questions, and capture factual and authentic dialogue. These can be applied when you are writing a proposal, charter, or financial analysis, for example.

Integration refers to the process of bringing it all together, which can take some time. Because you must know your audience and the important key points, it is similar to documentation. These skills can be used when you are creating a presentation for upper management. You must gather the necessary information and devise the appropriate sequence and language to tie everything together. Thus, studying and sharpening your integration skills is important because not only does it benefit you, but others around you as well.

In order to effectively deliver engaging presentations, you must hone your skills. You should be able to appeal to a variety of audiences and organize your presentations in a way that sets an appropriate tone. Aside for a solid presentation, be mindful of your tone and body language.

To improve your techniques and skills, consider taking acting or improvisation classes, joining a club that teaches presentation skills, and learn the different between being a speaker, trainer, and facilitator.

Overall, a great leader and communicator is confident in himself, understands that it is important to engage rather than lecture, can read an audience, keeps things short and simple, and always anticipates questions. What other features do you think great communicators possess? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Enhancing Your Communication Skills
There's always room for improvement when it comes to communication. Find out how improving these specific skill sets can benefit you.

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