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Think about how you communicate with your friends and family. More often than not, we prefer texting because it is direct, quick, and convenient. Phone calls are a close second and usually reserved for more pressing or personal matters.

When it comes to customer service, to save ourselves a trip to the store, we often call the customer support number. But sometimes this can be more frustrating than helpful. Automated systems, while their intentions are good, can send us in circles, inputting information and misunderstanding voice prompts before a representative is even reached.

Businesses have tried to incorporate email and online self-service tools, but the phone call is often what users fall back on. But wouldn’t it be easier if we could send a text to a company or business for customer support?

Messaging has been on the rise in the recent past. With the successes of WhatsApp, WeChat (China), and Line (Japan), it makes sense that corporate adoption of these services would soon follow.

For both the business and the customer, messaging is easy, inexpensive, more personal, and relatively instant. The customer, in essence, gets a one-on-one conversation with a representative almost immediately, allowing for issues to be addressed right away. This type of direct and personal service improves the customer experience. For the representative, this allows him or her to handle more than one customer at a time yet maintain efficiency. This is a benefit for the company as well, as employees can work more effectively, and essentially, save the company money over time.

Similarly, online chat is a great help as representatives can handle multiple chats in a timely manner. Most consumers put a high value on instant online service, which explains why many companies have already adopted this service.

Some businesses have already seen the success of offering messaging for service. WhatsAHOYTravel is a personal travel service that conducts all servicing through chat on WhatsApp. Marriott Hotels uses an app that allows guests to order pillows, flowers, and other services via messaging, eliminating the need to speak to someone over the phone.

Chat and messaging is the norm for communication for those who didn’t grow up relying solely on landlines for communication. Companies that adopt these services are broadening their reach to this younger generation.

As a customer, do you find that chat and messaging services for customer support is a better than the typical phone call? Share your views with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful video tutorials.

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Messaging & Customer Service
When it comes to customer support, messaging and chat may be the new, more convenient way to communicate and improve customer experience.

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