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Texting To Improve Communications

For most people, text messaging is their go-to when it comes to communication. Texting seems to be more appealing since it is easier and more direct. But when it comes to customer support, while some businesses are slowing embracing messaging, most businesses still only offer phone support. Could providing customer support via text be the next big move? Here are some ways companies can benefit from adding text support to their business.

Respond More With Fewer Agents
Text chat allows agents to respond to multiple chats at once, minimizing the number of agents needed on hand. Fewer agents can cut costs for businesses, but it can also improve the quality customer service. Because there would be fewer agents, managers could devote more attention to each agent, ensuring that their performance is meeting the necessary expectations. Text would enable companies to send out more immediate alerts to customers (ex. system updates, outages) to help ease inbound call traffic.

Review Transcripts
Text conversations act as transcripts themselves. Text chats are easily accessible and can be reviewed and analyzed for performance, brand compliance, and more. Text analytics can even help to track common terms to identify the most common support issues.

Guide The Conversation
Scripts are common in contact centers to help agents control the flow of the conversation and stay brand compliant. Canned responses are prerecorded answers that can help agents respond quickly and appropriately. Like scripts, they can also help to train agents on how to answer certain questions. Artificial intelligence can also be used to autoselect an appropriate response based on the customer question.

Send Out Automated Surveys
Text surveys tend to get a higher response rate than email surveys and phone surveys. Immediately after a text conversation ends, you can set up automation to send out the survey. Responses to these surveys tend to be more accurate since the experience is still fresh in their mind. These responses can then be reviewed by your call center to evaluate performances.

Aside from the benefits of introducing texting to your customer support tactics, it can also benefit your internal workforce communication.

For example, texting can improve the communication with field service workers. Texts can serve as appointment reminders for both the field service person and the customer. For the field service worker, important details about the appointment ensures that the worker is aptly prepared and on time. Consequently, this also improves show rates. For customers, these serve as friendly reminders and may include the name and a picture of the person being dispatched. This will give the customer a sense of familiarity and trust before the worker arrives.

Internally, text messages can remind team members to enter hours or provide project updates. These can even link to a mobile app or website that makes it easier for employees. If these tasks are delegated through the preferred method of choice of the staff, employers will see improved adherence to company policies and procedures.

Bottom line, adding texting to business communications can benefit the customers, the employees, and the business itself. Do you think more businesses will embrace texting within their communication structure? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Texting To Improve Communications
Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider utilizing texting within your customer support system as well as your internal communications.

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