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Project Fi: The New Wireless Network

Remember Google Fiber? It was unveiled to help distribute low-cost, gigabit internet access to specific regions. Now, Google’s Project Fi is looking to define the modern wireless carrier.

Originally launched as an invitation only service in 2015, Project Fi is now open to the public. It can be classified as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and Google is working with Sprint and T-Mobile’s cell towers. There is also a data-only option for those who are not interested in making calls, or who utilize VoIP solutions such as Skype or Facebook calling.

With Project Fi, there is no contract to be signed, but you will need your own phone and Google will provide you with a special SIM card. This needs to be used even if you are porting over your current number.

As a “modern carrier,” calls can switch between Wi-Fi and 4G with minimal interruption. As it is set as a default, Fi users need not wait for a software update. Google also has compiled a list of Wi-Fi networks that are verified as fast and reliable, which enables the best quality service when you are on a call.

For pricing, there’s not much of a difference except for data. All options with Project Fi include unlimited domestic calls and unlimited international texts, plus coverage in 120 countries and the ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. But for data, each gigabyte will cost $10 per month, with any unused data resulting in cash back.

The Fi app gives you billing information and details so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Access to prior bills, usage information, plus links to email and around-the-clock call support is also available within the app.

While Project Fi is now available to the public, there is a kicker. Project Fi is currently Android-only. More specifically, it is only available on select Nexus phone models. While there are no plans on expanding in the immediate future, anything is possible.

With this information about Project Fi, would you consider using it? Which aspects do you think mobile carriers should adopt? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Project Fi: The New Wireless Network
How should a modern wireless carrier function? Take a look at Google's Project Fi, as they are trying to set a new example.

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