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How To Program & Use Speed Dial On The Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 Phone


If you have people that you contact frequently over the phone, speed dials can be very convenient. They offer a more efficient way of dialing commonly used phone numbers. Learn how to program and use the speed dials on the Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone by following these steps.

Please note that a keyset user can associated up to 20 phone numbers as Station Speed Dial Numbers, which range from 9000-9019. The stored numbers cannot exceed 24 digits, including pauses, flash commands, pulse-to-tone switchover, and non-display characters. A pause is automatically inserted after a flash.

To store a speed dial number in your Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone, press the SPEED button once. Press and OUTSIDE LINE button or the POOL button, or you may select an outside line by pressing the SPEED button again.

Next, dial the speed bin location. Then dial the desired telephone number and include these special codes as needed:

  • Press TRANS to initiate a Pulse-To-Tone switchover.
  • Press HOLD to insert a Pause.
  • Press FLASH to insert a Flash into the speed number.
  • When TRANS is used as the first entry in the speed bin, this inserts a non-display character causing numbers stored in the bin not to appear n the digital telephone’s display when the bin is accessed.

Next, press the SPEED button. Replace the handset to end the speed bin programming.

To erase an existing speed bin, press the SPEED button twice. Then, dial the speed bin location. Lastly, press the SPEED button again and you should hear a confirmation tone.

To use speed dial, you have 3 options:

  1. Press the SPEED button then dial the speed bin location.
  2. Press the preprogrammed speed bin button
  3. Use the Soft Key’s SPD option and then dial the speed bin location when in idle condition.

And that is how you program and use speed dial on your Vodavi phone. We are always adding new video tutorials so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest for updates.

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