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Benefits Of Wearable Tech At Work

Lately, consumers have been welcoming wearable technology with open arms. From smartwatches to fitness trackers and more, wearable tech is helping people track all things health and fitness related.

While most people choose wearables for their own personal use, it seems like businesses are starting to introduce them into the workplace. Seemingly a novel idea, there is a wealth of potential for implementing wearable tech in the workplace. Here are a few ways that businesses can apply and benefit from wearable technology.

Health & Wellness
More and more people are making health a priority, which makes companies with excellent wellness programs more appealing. From the business side, aside from employee retention, healthy employees cost less. Without appearing to be a requirement, wearables would help to promote better health among workers.

Wearables can also help workplace safety overall, especially for those working in hazardous environments. For example, a “Smart Cap” embedded with sensors can monitor the alertness of truck drivers, which could reduce the risk of accidents due to fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel.

In warehouse settings, wearables act as an extra set of eyes. GPS tags and handheld scanners allow workers to find the best routes to collect order items. Consequently, this expedites order fulfillments and shipments.

Potential Roadblocks
While the use of these devices seems great in theory, getting employees to sign on might be a feat in itself. As the business owner, you can see a wealth of benefits, but as employees, different concerns may arise. Monitoring your own activity, heart rate, and water intake is one thing, but the thought of your boss having access to this data may be unsettling.

The best way to combat these hesitations is to make the use of wearables optional, not mandatory. That way those who are skeptical can opt out, and those who do sign on may be able to persuade others. Also, it is important to be clear and transparent about how the data will be collected and used.

Security & Privacy
For any company, privacy and security are major concerns. With the introduction of personal employee data, businesses must take extra precautions. Security breaches can be devastating and make the company liable for identity theft and other legal issues.  Before implementing, be sure you understand the responsibilities you are undertaking and be familiar with your provider’s policies in regards to privacy, security, and data. Know that with a new program will come many questions and that you should do your best to help employees understand any security risks.

With the proper implementation, wearable technology can deliver benefits for both the business and employees, including improved communication, productivity, and safety. If your employer started a wearable tech program, would you join? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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