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Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Business

Most businesses understand the importance of being mobile. In addition to creating a mobile friendly website, businesses must keep up with on-the-go customers and be sure that accessibility works both ways. Here’s how mobile applications can help your small business reach this goal.

Using geo-location technology within your mobile application allows you to save money while targeting customers nearby with time-sensitive offers. By customizing your reach, you are making the customer feel valued and special, which can turn into increased loyalty and better business.

Customer Loyalty Programs
Going mobile with your customer loyalty program can increase participation. Most businesses offer exclusive perks for downloading and using the app. By utilizing mobile, you eliminate the frustration caused by lost or forgotten punch cards and are able to track everything digitally.

Within your mobile app, you can track how different rewards perform and tailor your strategy accordingly. You can also consider the loyalty programs you are involved in and which specials you are more receptive to in order to improve the effectiveness of your app.

Because mobile apps can track customer behavior, you can send out tailored alerts. For example, if customer activity has declined or been stagnant for some time, you can send a specialized “we’ve missed you” deal. Or you can reward your customer for checking-in at your location or with special birthday perks.

Scheduling & Reminders
If your business provides services/classes, you can use a mobile app to allow your customers to schedule appointments or meetings, or sign up for classes.  You can also use the app or SMS to remind customers and employees of upcoming appointments or meetings, as well as allow either party to confirm, cancel, or reschedule services as needed.

Mobile payments save time and money by eliminating the need for additional hardware. Customers and businesses can make payments on the go, or even automate payments as necessary. Transaction history and records can be managed easily as the data can automatically be sent to other departments.

Communication & collaboration
Allowing your employees to connect with each other through your own mobile app or another app (ex. Slack, Dropbox) can increase and improve collaboration. You enable your employees to easily work together, whether in office or on the field, and share and access various documents easily and securely. This added convenience can boost productivity and employee morale overall.

Customer Service
Because employees can access customer communications from anywhere, mobile apps allow your team to respond to customers quickly and expediently. They also can help track support ticket history and analyze customer service performance to pinpoint any areas for improvement (ex. response time, common issues).

CRM & Sales Support
Mobile CRM is extremely helpful for your business. All the data and information is at your fingertips when you need it. Whether in office or on the field, you can access the information you need. If you need to take notes of important dates or details, you can immediately add it to the system. This cuts down on the time you are fumbling for a pen and paper and allows you to focus on making a connection with the customer.

How have mobile applications helped your business? Which mobile apps do you find most beneficial? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest!

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Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Business
For businesses, to be mobile means more than just creating a mobile-friendly website. Find out how mobile apps can improve your business.

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