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The Impact Of Technology On Business

Whether you realize it or not, technology plays an important role in business. From enhancing communications, connectivity and collaboration, businesses that utilize these resources have seen great improvement in productivity and success. Here are a few examples of how advances in technology have impacted businesses over the years.

Mobile phones have come a long way. Before, they would only allow us to make calls on the go. Now, our smart phones grant us access to the Internet, email, and various apps from virtually anywhere. When used in the workplace, employees are able to remain connected with the customers whether they are in the office, on the field, or traveling. Internal communications benefit as well, as coworkers are able to keep in touch.

A website and app can also help businesses, providing yet another way to keep employees and customers connected.

And instant messaging can have an upper hand on email. With an instant messaging program, managers can easily monitor which employees are present at their desks and which are out of the office. Also, employees can get immediate responses, helping to save time and increase productivity overall.

The possibilities for internet marketing are seemingly endless. It can be as simple as a basic website to ads within search engines and mobile apps. Email and mobile marketing enables businesses to reach out to many people effectively.

With the success of various social media platforms, businesses can take advantage of even more resources. Social media allows businesses to study consumer behavior and create a more personalized experience for each customer. With this data, a more effective marketing strategy can be built based on preferences and trends. These resources also help marketers increase customer engagement.

The appropriate hardware and software can help employees perform tasks more efficiently. These tools also reduce time for accessing and transferring data which, in turn, decreases costs and increases productivity.

Information technology enables an easy way for customers to access support services. With online chat services for help and support, more information and resources are available making it easier for the customer to get the service they need without having to call in.

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Thanks to the multitude of options, you can communicate with customers using their preferred method of communication. For example, millennials may prefer SMS or apps to communicate, while older adults may favor a phone call or email instead. Regardless of the method, technology puts this at business’s fingertips, allowing them to cater to different customers.

Without new technology and tools, workers would not be able to work remotely and businesses would not be able to offer flex-timings. Regardless of location, employees are able to keep in touch through emails and online collaboration tools and mobile devices. And while in office, employees can share digital documents, hold presentations, and create training videos for new hires.

Web conferencing helps to cut down on travel costs and saves time. With the use of various tools, from web cams to online meeting spaces to video conferencing solutions, participants can interact and collaborate, closely mimicking the in-person experience. Small businesses can even use this to expand their reach.

Without technology, numerous tasks would take much longer to complete. How has technology helped to improve your business or life? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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The Impact Of Technology On Business
Discover how technology has evolved and helped small and large businesses alike grow and succeed.

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