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Business Connectivity

For businesses of all sizes, having a reliable network for your voice and data is crucial to success. For larger businesses, maintaining a solid network may be easy, but for small businesses, company size and cost may hold them back.

According to a survey of 300 U.S. small business executives (conducted by Forbes Insights and Cox Business), 48% of participants believe that the adoption of new tech will be a major influence on business growth. Small businesses need to understand that in order to expand business and employ new technology, a strong network is vital.

Of the participants, 40% stated that cost savings and cost structure as a top benefit of connectivity within the company. Other benefits include remote work plus improved integration and network performance.

Aside from business benefits, connectivity provides a better customer experience by enabling quick access to products and services (56%). Connectivity also helps businesses release more digital options (ex. mobile apps, websites), along with easy access to the business through multiple channels.

Whether small or large, successful organizations use their information resources strategically. By enabling more efficient access to your video, voice, data, or messaging, businesses are providing themselves with the tools to succeed in delivering quality service.

According to the survey, the strategies that small businesses need to employ to succeed include complete communications solutions (22%), networking software (20%) and cloud computing solutions (13%). And while these additions sound good in theory, small businesses face certain challenges, which include understanding new technology needs and which services to use (31%), finding reliable IT support (17%), and providing connectivity to all employees (15%).

Because technology can be so complex, some companies may avoid new technology all together and stick with what they know. Unfortunately, this puts them at a disadvantage. And even if companies do invest in new equipment, if data isn’t secure or the system is too complex to use, its value will diminish. Luckily, a popular solution to this problem lies within the cloud. The cloud offers more affordable options without the worry of deploying, configuring, or managing systems on site. Because the cloud can host various systems and services, it is a smart option for growing businesses and large enterprises alike.

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Business Connectivity
Business growth and success can be attributed to many things, but a strong network and connectivity can play a major role.

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