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Don’t Believe These VoIP Myths

Are you hesitant to make the switch to a VoIP phone system? Have you heard poor reviews and complaints about VoIP services? Below are some common misconceptions about VoIP and the truth about employing a VoIP system within your business office.

Myth: VoIP Is Expensive And Complicated
In reality, VoIP services are usually offered at a low monthly rate. This is often the reason why users make the switch. Also, hosted VoIP systems are maintained offsite, eliminating the need to have IT staff on site, with equipment and maintenance provided by the service provider.

Myth: VoIP Delivers Poor Quality And Inconsistent Performance
As long as your VoIP system is installed properly and you employ the appropriate equipment to support your needs, VoIP can deliver high quality calls. Be sure you have enough bandwidth and sufficient network speed, along with compatible phones, headsets and microphones to make the most of your VoIP calling experience.

Myth: Can’t Keep Old Number With VoIP
Depending on your provider, you might be able to keep your old number. For most cases, you should be able to keep your existing PSTN phone number, but you should consult with your service provider before you switch.

Myth: When The Power Goes Out, So Does VoIP
So long as you have a reliable Backup Power Supply (UPS) connected to all the necessary equipment, your VoIP network will remain intact and running during a power outage. However, if your Internet service provider experiences a power outage, your VoIP network could possibly go down. With that being said, in case of emergency, you may want to consider keepingĀ  your landline service.

Myth: VoIP Is Not Secure
Because your VoIP system is essentially connected to your network, it is possible for your system to be exposed to malicious IP activities. However, much like you protect your PCs, it is recommended that you use Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and firewalls. These security measures will help control and screen your network data, prevent VoIP traffic overload, and safeguard against suspicious activities. With the appropriate security measures in place, you can secure your VoIP system.

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Don't Believe These VoIP Myths
Are you wary of switching to VoIP because of things you have heard about the service? Here's the truth behind some popular VoIP myths.

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